New Year, New DCatastrophes

Image: All images are believed to be the property of Warner Bros. Studios and/or DC Comics unless otherwise indicated.

2023 is here! With the dawning of a new year, it’s customary to look ahead and discuss all the vibrant possibilities lying before us. But this is Marvelous Movies. So instead, we’re going to list all the ways DC is going to continue screwing up this year!

5. Not Bringing Back the Snyderverse

Come on, Snyderverse fans are just about the only people watching DCEU movies anymore. DC is acting as if they don’t care about their fans or about keeping them happy.

4. Bringing Back the Snyderverse

Yes, we do know this contradicts what we just said. We also know that DC has really backed itself into a corner over the DCEU!

3. Having James Gunn Run Things

He’s been Gunning for the top spot for years now. Warner Bros. had better be on their Guardians to ensure we don’t get any further movies with a lead actor named Chris doing heroic Pratt-falls.

2. Ditching Henry Cavill

Seriously. We’re pretty sure that would require taking a page right out of General Zod’s book. DC fans are rightfully viewing this an act of War by the studio and are intent on Hammering back.

1. Still Doing Whatever it is They’ve Been Doing

Out of 100 people surveyed, 99 people didn’t want to keep on keeping on. The 100th person surveyed was Kevin Feige.

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