Star Wars Celebration 2024 To Be Held on Jakku

Photo: Lucasfilm and EA Games

BURBANK, CA–Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy announced on Friday that the 2024 Star Wars Celebration will be held on Jakku. This momentous occasion will mark the first time the event has ever been held away from Earth.

Star Wars Celebration is an annual event that often features announcements and previews of new Star Wars projects. This news follows April’s Star Wars Celebration in London, where Lucasfilm executives and creators announced upcoming projects including the Book of Jar Jar Binks series. Fans hope next year’s celebration will feature more projects in the growing Grand Admiral Thrawn Cinematic Universe.

Not all franchise fans are pleased with the location announcement. “Why does everyone want to go back to Jakku?” asked Finn, 24, of London.

I’d rather not go to a planet with so much sand,” said Annie Kin, 20, of Vancouver. “It’s coarse, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere.”

Others, however, are seeing the locale as a promising opportunity. “You want to go? I can get you to Jakku,” said Hans Olo, 66, of Chicago. “For the right price, that is.”

“Just think how much business this will bring to Jakku!” said Unkar, 53, of Brockworth. “It’s gotta be worth at least fifty portions!”

Star Wars Celebration will return to Earth in 2025, when it will be held in Japan. Advance tickets for the 2024 event on Jakku can be purchased through this link.

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