Proposed Star Wars Spin-Off Series Include “Greedopoint,” “The Man-DeLorean”

Photos: Lucasfilm

BURBANK, CA–Just a week away from the release of The Mandalorian on DisneyPlus and less than 2 months until The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters, everyone is talking about Star Wars! We here at Marvelous Movies did some digging, and our sources at LucasFilm were actually able to leak these proposed ideas for future Star Wars series! We ‘re really looking forward to each of these shows, because they all sound too amazing not to publish!

Star Wars: The Rise of Darth Legsbot. After watching Solo: A Star Wars Story, most fans now know that Darth Maul didn’t actually die in The Phantom Menace. Rather, he survived and later returned with robotic legs, as shown on the Clone Wars TV series. But what ever happened to Maul’s other half? In The Rise of Darth Legsbot, Maul’s legs would be found by villainous forces and get a robotic head and body grafted onto them, creating yet another deadly Sith lord! As he rises to the ranks of power in the criminal underworld, Maul must first defeat Darth Legsbot, his one true rival and twisted reflection.

Star Wars: The Greedopoint Paradox. The timeline has changed in Star Wars, and the entire galaxy may be affected! Why is it that some people remember Han shooting first, but others insist that it was Greedo? What unseen cosmic force has altered the timeline, and what happens when the two timelines converge? This series would follow time-traveling Greedo from an alternate timeline as he tries to piece together the mystery. Can the past still be changed? Can Greedo outrun the clock fast enough to save his own life, or will time catch up with him at last?

Star Wars: The Man-DeLorean. This groundbreaking installment would actually mix elements from the previous two, bringing man/machine hybrids and time travel together! Meet Ecro Fett, a ruthless bounty hunter who has replaced his legs with a time-traveling DeLorean automobile straight out of Back to the Future, taking contracts and killing targets throughout time as well as space! The titular Man-DeLorean is expected to adventure throughout the entire Star Wars timeline, from being hired by Tusken raiders to kill young Anakin Skywalker, to helping time-traveling Greedo solve his own murder in an epic crossover event. We’re really hoping we get to see the bounty hunter pick off Jar Jar Binks before The Phantom Menace, too!

No matter which series you might be looking forward to most, we think all true Star Wars fans can agree that the addition of time travel and cyborg assassins are what’s really needed today to revitalize the franchise. Hey, that’s what’s still keeping the Terminator franchise going strong, right?

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