In Lieu of New Superhero Movies, Marvel Highlights Supernatural Horror Characters You’ve Never Heard Of

Photo: Hulu and Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA–The internet mildly took notice last week at the release of the trailer for Marvel’s Helstrom. Adapting comics characters Daimon and Satana Hellstrom, the son and daughter of Satan, the show promises a chilling horror tale right up there with the MCU’s most fun and heroic adventures. While future MCU movies have been delayed until next year, and even Ghost Rider’s series got scrapped before it began, Marvel promises that Helstrom will be just what fans need to fill the void.

“We really thought Helstrom was the logical next step in the MCU,” explained Marvel’s chief creative officer Kevin Feige. “The Hellstroms may have no established fanbase to speak of, but when has that ever stopped us before?”

Feige went on, “Just because fans are still waiting to see more popular supernatural characters like Ghost Rider, Blade, and Moon Knight doesn’t mean the show will be a flop. It doesn’t, does it?”

Helstrom will be fresh and innovative,” Feige added. “Doing a Supernatural show with Lucifer and the demons as good guys is an original premise that’s never been thought of before. But we’ve seen some Good Omens about the idea, and we think we’re in a Good Place for it. We’re finally bringing a human dimension to Hell–and Boy, am I excited for it!” English poet John Milton was unavailable for comment.

When asked if Helstrom would at least connect to the other supernatural areas of the Marvel universe, such as Scarlet Witch’s role in the upcoming WandaVision or the planned Doctor Strange sequel, Feige merely commented, “Oh, dang, I should have thought of that.”

Yes, Helstrom seems a departure from much of Marvel’s traditional fare; the Marvel logo doesn’t even appear anywhere in the trailer. In fact, for uninitiated viewers, the only indication that the show has any connection to Marvel is the casting of actress Elizabeth Marvel. Lesser-known actress Elizabeth Cinematic Universe was unavailable due to scheduling conflicts.

Helstrom hits Hulu for streaming on October 16.

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