HBO Gives Us the “Green Lantern” TV Show No One Asked For

Photo: The CW

NEW YORK–HBO has officially greenlit a television adaptation of Green Lantern. Instead of the TV series fans have been clamoring for since the Arrow series finale, HBO has:

  • Not cast David Ramsey as John Diggle Seriously, Arrow was essentially running on Diggle’s non-stop nagging of Oliver by its last two seasons. It’s unlikely a DC show about a green character is even possible without this element.
  • Opted out of a Deadpool crossover. Absolutely mind-blowing. Everyone knows that Ryan Reynolds is eager to don his favorite CGI superhero costume once more.
  • Declined to feature a guest appearance by Robert Pattinson. Such news alone would mean that the trailer would have broken the internet upon release. This omission is widely viewed as a major though unusual misstep for DC Studios.
  • Refused to have Zach Snyder cut the film. Ugh. This move would have been the perfect setup for years of heartache and fan theories, followed by a complete about-face from the studio.
  • Failed to cast someone with a British accent to be the villain. This shouldn’t be a thing, but it is. DC’s major flaw is a lack of British accented villains.

It seems HBO has not learned from the massive handful of mistakes have made over the years. We shall see if the Green Lantern fanbase has the willpower to sit through this show in the darkest day or the brightest night.

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