Jimmy Woo: Paper Salesman, Dictator, Agent

Image: Marvel Studios

The whole world, it seems, has been enchanted by WandaVision. Those same Legions of fans have also found themselves unexpectedly Wooed by the MCU’s favorite FBI agent. The magical presence of this unexpected hero has set the internet abuzz with speculation as to his future in the MCU. We here at Marvelous Movies thought it worth looking into his past.


The first time we saw Jimmy Woo was his legendary infiltration of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. A routine operation to provide an alibi for a deployed Jack Ryan found Agent Jim Woo face-to-face with Dwight Schrute, widely rumored to possess the ability to beet any enemy. But Agent Woo passed with aplomb, despite slipping and giving his true first name.

Following this success, Agent Woo was sent to pose as the dictator of North Korea in The Interview, a film which proved a bigger bomb at the box office than the many nuclear warheads featured throughout. The entire operation was poorly conceived, poorly executed, and required the assistance of both the Green Hornet and Harry Osborn to successfully pull off.

After this successful fiasco, he was deemed the appropriate person to take on the giant task of supervising Scott Lang, the Ant-Man. Next, he appears to be set for taking on Aquaman in the DCEU, a sure sign his career is under water.

Warner Bros. Studios

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