Are Other Sitcoms Hiding Superbeings and Their Friends?

Photos: NBC (left and right); CBS (center)

OPINION–Public attention has recently turned to the plight of Avengers Wanda Maximoff and Vision, who are trapped in an anomaly dome in Westview, New Jersey and forced, along with the other helpless residents of Westview, to live out their lives in TV sitcom formats throughout history. Our experts decided to investigate further to see whether this is an isolated incident. The results were very troubling! Throughout American sitcom history, we have found startling evidence of other superbeings, villains, or their known associates trapped in false sitcom realities.

Here a just a few examples:

Photo: ABC

Meta Mayhem in the 1990s. In the classic show Full House, young Michelle Tanner often seems to have a split personality–almost as if she were two different people! Furthermore, she bears a striking resemblance to prominent Avenger Wanda Maximoff, a notable twin herself and now mother of twins. Could there be a connection, and does it foreshadow the sitcom trappings Wanda is experiencing today?

Marvelous Mockumentaries. So far on WandaVision, Agent Woo has safely avoided being pulled into the Maximoff anomaly. But our team has recovered evidence that reveals Woo has been stuck in a sitcom before. In Season 9 of The Office, prime character Jim Halpert is replaced for a few moments by “Asian Jim.” This is explained as an office prank, but notice how closely Asian Jim resembles Agent Jimmy Woo!

Photo: NBC

Note: Our techs are testing the theory that at one time, the infamous Ultron may have channeled his voice through DunderMifflin’s CEO Robert California, aka Bob Kazamakis. However, our experts have called this “likely a coincidence.”

On Parks and Recreation, another mockmentary style show, the Guardians’ beloved Star-Lord seems to adapt well to his bureaucratic office environment, but he does endure quite a number of physical injuries. At first, we believed that these injuries were sustained by his attempt to leave the false reality, but these theories have been disproven. It seems much more likely that Peter Quill never realized he was on a fake show to begin with.

Photo: NBC

Note: There is also convincing evidence that many of the characters’ trouble can be traced definitively to Agatha All Along. That’s right! Disguised as cutthroat campaign manager Jennifer Barkley, Agatha Harkness has also waved her witching wiles in Pawnee, Indiana.

Photo: NBC

Advertising Anomalies

Yes, our experts have discovered that Nick Fury and the Grandmaster are trapped in TV commercials! But given that the Avengers’ residence was demolished by Thanos, and Asgard has been annihilated by Surtur, with minimal insurance coverage leaving all parties in a financial bind, we thought it most helpful to leave well enough alone.

And speaking of being tight on funds, quirky Dr. Darcy Lewis could be in a similar predicament, as our evidence concludes that she, too, has had prior experience in an alternate sitcom reality.

Photo: CBS

Community Cameos

Photo: NBC

We’re certain that during its 2009-2015 run, the NBC show Community has ensnared a vast number of heroes and their associates from the MCU. Even Carol Danvers herself was found to be flying in and out of several episodes with a fabricated alter ego!

Photos: Marvel Studios

The Archives – For those who may enjoy some more retro examples (or have parents / grandparents who will), check out these other sitcom sightings from the ’50s – ’80s:

  • Unseen Pilot of Leave it to Beaver featuring the Guardians’ Rocket. This initial idea was scrapped when it was discovered that the genetically modified Rocket is not in fact a beaver and after the censors took issue with Rocket’s coarse and edgy language. Or, in Rocket’s own words, ““I’m not a beaver, you #%@^!””
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Photo: CBS
  • Billy Batson in The Andy Griffith Show. Our favorite filling station attendant, Gomer Pyle, is known for shouting “Shazam!” in his southern drawl. Well, goll-lly.
  • Are The Brady Bunch kids truly the Umbrella Academy? You all know the story of a lovely lady with her three girls…and the man named Brady with three boys of his own. There are six Brady kids in the show, the same number as Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ gifted children, who call themselves The Umbrella Academy.

    If this doesn’t convince you, remember that both sets of children also have a beloved house-servant. Granted, the Hargreeves’ butler is a chimpanzee named Pogo, but that seems close enough.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Photos: ABC (left); Warner Bros. (right)
  • A villain runs the Sunshine Cab Company on Taxi. Dispatcher Louis de Palma on ’80s show Taxi is frequently described by his colleagues as gross, sleazy, and offensive. Not only does Mr. de Palma’s appearance resemble a certain aquatic villain from Gotham City, but he definitely shares the same unpleasant personality traits as Mr. Cobblepot.

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