Disney Hints ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit Could Lead to Character’s Downfall

Image: Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA – Over the weekend, Disney Studios responded to the lawsuit filed by actress Scarlet Johansson alleging the entertainment company broke its agreement with her and cost her tens of millions of dollars.

“It’s killing us that Black Widow is turning on us in such a vicious fashion after we were the perfect partner,” Disney announced. “She has spun a web of lies and betrayals that simply won’t fly in a court of law.”

“I think she has a Soul of Stone,” Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige fumed in a telephone call. ‘She’s fighting for money. Doesn’t she know that makes her mercenary, instead of a spy?”

Privately, studio executives are hinting that the Widow is heading for a major downfall in the near future. At this time, it is unclear whether this is a reference to her in-universe death on Vormir or an implicit threat to transfer her to Warner Bros. to appear in Suicide Squad.

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