Story Details Revealed for Star Wars: Visions Anime Series

BURBANK, CA–Disney shocked fans recently with the trailer for Star Wars: Visions, a collection of original anime stories set in the Star Wars universe, created by several well-known anime studios. Our reporters at Marvelous Movies found more details on the stories to be featured in this innovative new project. Whether you’re a fan of anime or Star Wars or both, viewers everywhere are in for a real treat!

  • Darth Note
    A teenager named Lightsaber Yagami discovers the Darth Note, a mysterious artifact that causes anyone whose name is written it to be immediately Force-choked to death. He’s mentored by Rukh in his quest to enact vigilante justice!
  • Krayt Dragon Ball Z
    You know the hype of this one will be OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sailor Space Station
    After all, that’s no moon…
Photos: Lucasfilm, Toei Animation
  • Gundam X-Wing
    I mean, haven’t you always wanted to see Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing transform into a giant Gundam-style mech and take on the Empire’s forces that way? And if your answer isn’t a resounding “heck yes!”, then what are you even doing with your life?
  • Cowboy Beep-Boop
    Starring R2-D2 in a cowboy hat, probably.
Photos: Lucasfilm
  • Attack on Tattooine
    In a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland of Tattooine, a band of survivors must defend against giant titans. Because apparently Tattooine and that krayt dragon weren’t deadly enough already! These titans look even creepier than the Hutts–or fat Bib Fortuna–if you can believe it!
  • Full Beskar Alchemist
    The Mandalorian armorer seeks out the Philosopher’s Stone in order to resurrect her fallen comrades. Antics ensue.
Photos: Lucasfilm, bones inc.
  • One Punch Mandalorian
    As if the Mandalorian wasn’t already badass enough, now he can kill you with just one punch! Also featuring MMA fighter Gina Carano.
  • Lando’s Moving Castle
    Doesn’t that sound like a much better name than “Cloud City”?
Photos: Lucasfilm, Studio Ghibli
  • Sabacc-i-oh
    Every episode is guaranteed to contain the phrase “the heart of the cards.”
  • Nute’s Basket
    It’s 2021 already, and we think the world is ready for a supernatural romantic comedy starring Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray. Don’t you?
Photos: Lucasfilm, Studio Deen
  • Lightsaber Art Online.
    Really, it’s like the jokes just write themselves…
  • Rogue One Piece
    Jyn Erso and her rogue band of pirates search for the galaxy’s greatest treasure: the Rogue One Piece!
Photos: Lucasfilm, Toei Animation
  • Bounty Hunter x Hunter
    Sounds like basically an origin story about young Boba Fett trying to follow in the footsteps of his father Jango. And we are 100% on board with that!
  • Ackabar: The Last Trapbender
    ‘Nuff said!
Photos: Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon

Which of these amazing anime stories are YOU most looking forward to?

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