Disney Takes Back Defenders Titles but Insists Netflix Keeps Iron Fist

Photos: Marvel Studios, Disney, Netflix

BURBANK, CA–With the characters’ rights reverting back to Disney, Netflix’s original Marvel shows left Netflix at the end of February. Fans hope to see shows like Daredevil, The Punisher, and more showing up on DisneyPlus instead in March. However, new details reveal that Disney has refused to take back the rights to Iron Fist, adamantly insisting that Netflix keep it.

“The deal was that Netflix would keep all episodes of Iron Fist, and that the show would never appear on a Disney-owned streaming service,” explained Disney CEO Bob Chapek. “Netflix protested at first, but they agreed when we offered them an extra $5 million settlement to keep the show.”

Iron Fist first premiered on Netflix in early 2017. It inexplicably received a second season in 2018, after which it was mercifully canceled.

Upon hearing that Iron Fist would continue streaming on Netflix, some of the show’s actors have begun to deny their involvement in order to salvage their careers. “No, I wasn’t in Iron Fist,” alleged Jessica Henwick. “Are you sure you aren’t confusing me with Awkwafina? I hear she was in that one Marvel kung fu movie.”

Daredevil and the related Defenders shows are expected to stream on DisneyPlus in March. Fans speculate that this may lead to Disney launching kid-friendly reboots of The Punisher and similar shows.

Per Disney’s settlement with Netflix, Iron Fist will also return to Netflix in March. Netflix’s contract requires them to keep the show streaming for at least another seven years, or until the next time the mystical city of K’un-Lun reappears in the earthly plane.

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