Brendan Fraser’s Scrapped Villain Role Marks Worst-Ever Firefly Cancellation

Photos: DC Comics (left); Flickr Creative Commons (right)

BURBANK, CA–With Warner Bros.’ recent announcement that the Batgirl movie will not be released, fans everywhere are protesting on behalf of beloved actor Brendan Fraser. Fraser was set to play the film’s villain, a serial arsonist named Garfield Lynns, a.k.a. Firefly. But sadly, Fraser’s role as Firefly has now been canceled.

“I was really looking forward to using Fraser in future projects,” commented fan-favorite DCEU director Joss Whedon. “This has to be the most disappointing Firefly cancellation in TV or movie history!”

“Now when am I ever gonna get to play an obscure DC character with a mechanized suit and full face mask, exclusively for streaming on HBO Max?” Fraser himself lamented. “Looks like my chances are Doomed.”

“I was really looking forward to seeing Brendan in this role,” said Alan Tudyk, who starred opposite Fraser on the first season of DC’s Doom Patrol. “But I guess it turned out to be a Wash.”

“It wasn’t fair of them to do this to Brendan,” said Nathan Fillion, who has voiced Green Lantern for some time and appeared in other DC projects. “In fact, I’d say it counts as Mal-treatment.”

Fans have long been Looney to see Fraser back in action. We were all hoping to see his career return, like a mummy rising up from the grave. But it sounds like it it’s a wrap for now!

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