Spider-Man: Freshman Year First Look Introduces Brand New Character, Peter Parker

Photo: Marvel Studios

BURBANK, CA–Details revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con highlight the cast of the upcoming Spider-Man: Freshman Year, including an original character named Peter Parker. As no character by this name has ever before been featured in Spider-Man comics or media, fans are wondering exactly what role he’ll play in the story, which will follow up the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Based on promo images from the show, Peter Parker appears to be an average young man with glasses. The popular theory is that he’ll be a classmate of longtime Spider-Man supporting characters such as Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy. Some fans of Spidey lore even speculate that he’ll be a relative of supporting character May Parker, who was tragically killed by the Green Goblin in No Way Home.

Others suggest that Peter Parker could become a new villain. “Ehh, they haven’t made a new Hobgoblin in a while,” commented longtime fan Phil Kingsley. “Aren’t we about due for another one?”

“What if he’s, like, a clone of Spider-Man, or some kind of alternate universe variant?” asked comic collector Reilly O’hara. “With all the crap Marvel’s putting out these days, it could be literally anything.”

Not all fans of Spidey lore are excited for this new addition. “The comics are already rich with lots of well-developed stories and characters,” said Lee Stevens. “So why do these shows always feel the need to add in new characters who were never in the comics?”

Spider-Man: Freshman Year will feature the infamous vigilante attending college, likely struggling to balance his academic responsibilities with his crimefighting ones. It remains to be seen how a full-time crimefighter will fit in among normal university students, especially since–unlike many masked heroes–Spider-Man has no known dual identity out of costume.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year premieres on DisneyPlus in 2024.

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