Wishbone Adaption of “1984” Criticized for Being Too Realistic

Image: PBS

OAKDALE – PBS recently delighted fans with the announcement that Wishbone, the world’s foremost canine expert on all things literature, has come back with an all-new adventure: George Orwells’s classic masterpiece 1984. Fans of the show have greeted the news with joy, but the new adaptation has its critics. Early reviewers are noting the show has shifted away from escapist fantasy and taken on a much more realistic tone.

“It really seems like Wishbone slipped into this imaginary story much more easily than with other stories in the past,” his owner, Joe Talbot, commented. “He had zero trouble envisioning a world where people blindly believe whatever their political leaders say, no one engages in critical thought, and political dissidents are violently suppressed. It’s like he didn’t even have to use his imagination that much!”

The PBS public relations team even detailed how easy it was to get footage of rapturous crowds hanging on every word from their political leaders with an almost religious fervor. Not having to hire actors or send out camera crews allowed PBS to seriously cut down on production costs.

Samantha Kepler, one of Wishbone’s human friends, noted “all the actors who filmed the ‘Moment of Hate’ scene were really, really professional. They came in and absolutely delivered. They were screaming awful things at people with different political beliefs. I think they only shot it in one take. It was so good that after the director yelled ‘cut,’ the film crew had to pull people apart from one another to get them to stop fighting. It was so method!”

When asked if Wishbone was now veering away from the escapist fantasy which had endeared it to so many fans, David Barnes, another of Wishbone’s human friends, dismissed the question as “fake news.”

For his part, Wishbone has no qualms about this new adaptation. “The tail really wagged the dog on this one,” he informed Marvelous Movies via email. “We did this to throw the fans a bone. We thought it would be ruff, but we never even Pawsed our plans for a minute. The fans have such puppy love for us, and they have shown up in packs!”

Wishbone: 1984 will never be available to watch. In fact, Wishbone is watching you. And that’s the story.

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