Marvelous Movies’ Quick and Easy Guide to DIY Halloween Costumes (2022)

Photos: Amazon Studios (left); Marvel Studios (center); Netflix (right)

Halloween is upon us again, and you’re probably looking for a last-minute, effortless costume you can throw together! You know–something you can wear to a coworker’s Halloween party that really screams say “Look, I’m up on relevant pop culture references!” Need some help? Look no further, because with these quick and easy do-it-yourself costumes from Marvelous Movies, you can’t go wrong!

The Stranger
What you need: A big beard. Pants, probably.
What to do: Speak in only one-word phrases all night and make everyone guess who you are. Don’t tell them, even at the end of the party.

What you need: Boobs. And a lot of green paint.
What to do: Apply paint liberally. Twerk with other women throughout the night.. If anyone says anything either critical or complimentary to you, shout and call them sexist.

Jake Lockley
What you need: A hat. A gun. Maybe a taxi.
What to do: Make everyone wonder where you are for the whole party. Show up at the end and threaten people, but only in Spanish.

Dream of the Endless
What you need: A black cloak, robe, or blanket. Bonus points if you’re already a pale, skinny nerd who never goes outside.
What to do: Leave the party early but tell everyone you’ll be back soon. Then go missing for decades. Be aware that you could be mistaken for Neo or Edward Cullen.

Ezra Miller
What you need: Eyeliner, and a completely unhinged personality.
What to do: The craziest thing you can think of at any given moment. Easily win the scariest costume of the night contest. Be aware that costume may not be appropriate for children.

Peter Parker
What you need: Normal clothes. Maybe a hoodie and a nerdy T-shirt.
What to do: Show up at the party. Wait for someone to ask who you’re supposed to be. Tell them it’s a character they’ve probably never heard of.

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