Top 10 Ways Natalie Portman Is Getting Jacked For Thor: Love and Thunder

Photos: India TV News

Dr. Jane Foster will be getting jacked for the upcoming Thor: Love And Thunder, according to Natalie Portman. The 40-year-old declared her commitment to muscling up her astrophysicist character on Instagram.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Portman has physically transformed for action-heavy films. For the Star Wars prequels, the petite actress famously adhered to a very strict regimen of yelling at Padme’s handmaidens on set for four hours every day. The resulting 12-pack of abs was worth every tear. It was a different era!

This time, however, Portman will be training to add some bulk rather than simply definition. “But why, though?!”

Director Taika Waititi explained that Thor: Love And Thunder is based on a 2014 comic book storyline that sees Thor lose his power and magical hammer Mjolnir. In the end, Foster winds up wielding the hammer, becoming the mighty Thor. To qualify the mighty portion, Waititi and Portman agreed she needs to pack on more muscle.

So how does Portman plan on bulking up? Faking Star Wars spies managed to get a look at her special Thor workout, and you’re not going to believe what she’ll be up to! Strap in and prepare for the Top 10 Ways Natalie Portman Is Getting Jacked For Mighty Thor Role.

  • 10. Staged car jacking
  • 09. Round of You Don’t Know Jack
  • 08. Jacking into the Matrix
  • 07. Pretending to eat at local Jack in the Box 
  • 06. Cosplaying as Jackie O again
  • 05. Following @Jack on Twitter
  • 04. Listening to Jack Johnson during pilates 
  • 03. Walking Jack Russell Terriers twice a day
  • 02. Playing with Jakks Pacific Disney Princess Dolls
  • 01. Jacked CG artist named Jack

Originally posted on FakingStarWars by William “Willybobo” Bobo.

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