The 5 Greatest Star Wars Satires You’ll Ever See

The only thing we take seriously here at Marvelous Movies is never taking anything seriously. Although we come pretty close to seriousness when it comes to seriously loving Star Wars. So we thought it was high time to list out the the greatest Star Wars satires on the HoloNet.


MGM Studios

THE REASON: Be honest. Rick Moranis is actually more ominous as Dark Helmet than Hayden Christensen was as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

The only downside here (in addition to the Downside of the Schwartz), is the fact that President Skroob is no longer the biggest buffoon Americans can imagine occupying a presidential office. But then again, satire often runs ahead of real events, proving satirists are the Prophets of the Force.

20th Television

Laugh it Up, Fuzzball

THE REASON: The only way to improve upon the genius of Star Wars is to add in innuendo, a shrill voice for Princess Leia, and vigorous mockery of both actor Seth Green and Robot Chicken.

This Article from Our Own Sam Ewell

THE REASON: Uncompromising internal bias.

Eighteen out of seventeen (Mr. Ewell gets to vote twice because of a past farcical, aquatic ceremony where a watery tart threw a scimitar at him) Marvelous Movies writers and contributors agree Samuel Ewell is the absolute best Star Wars satirist we have ever worked with. Also, every true fan knows Ewan McGregor is really Obi-Wan Kenobi, and we would 100% watch a show consisting of Obi-Wan just saying “Hello there.”


THE REASON: Blatant favoritism and uncompromising good taste. Our friends at have Marvelously partnered brilliant writing with clever satire.

The Holiday Special

LucasFilm (probably. Lucas has all but disowned this.)

THE REASON: There are…no words. Seriously. This must be experienced to be believed. Yet, experiencing the Holiday Special leads to pain. Pain leads to fear. Fear leads to the Dark Side. So, this may be more of an anti-Star Wars than a satire, but we’re also open to laughing at it in mockery.

Honorable Mentions


The Prequel Trilogy. Seriously. Are we the only ones who think Anakin was supposed to be a decades-long punk on Mark Hamill and his portrayal of Luke Skywalker? Also, Jar Jar Binks? Really? He’s the reason the Prequel Trilogy only makes honorable mention. Jar Jar just seems like an intentional insult to Peter Mayhew for playing Chewbacca, the sometimes funny, definitely alien member of the crew in the original trilogy. We here at Marvelous Movies find this particularly mean-spirited and call upon Lucas’s arms to be torn out of his sockets for being a loser.

20th Century Studios

Eragon. Fondly known as “Star Wars with dragons” by the legions of people who read the books but don’t feel comfortable outing themselves as actual fans. The series, featuring surprise family members redeemed from darkness, a princess love story that turns strange, and an elderly mentor who is revealed to be a retired practitioner of the magical arts he’s teaching the young hero before sacrificing himself to save the young hero’s life, only lacks a desert setting for Eragon’s childhood home. The casual reader/viewer would be forgiven for believing Eragon was the creation of a gifted fifteen-year-old who wanted to create a Star Wars fan fiction heavily featuring dragons.


The Sequel Trilogy. Our editors kind of felt bad for what we said about the Prequel Trilogy earlier and said we couldn’t include it in a Dishonorable Mentions section.

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