Due to Rising Gas Prices, Ghost Rider Takes Public Transportation

Photos: Smartbus.org; Marvel Studios;

EAST LOS ANGELES–Robbie Reyes, a.k.a. the superhero Ghost Rider, has been spotted taking the L train and the Metro bus around East Los Angeles in recent days. When questioned about the change in his vehicle of choice, Reyes attributed the decision to the recent spike in gas prices.

“Yeah, I just can’t keep the ol’ Hell Charger fueled up these days,” Reyes told Marvelous Movies reporters. At the time of this statement, gas prices in East LA were upwards of five dollars per gallon. “I mean, I’m an Avenger now. You’d think Tony Stark could do a guy a solid and lend him some cash–right?”

“The public transportation thing does have its drawbacks,” Reyes admitted. “Last week I was chasing these gang members, and they got away because the bus had to make so many stops. But then another time, I caught a drug dealer taking the same L train I was on! I guess even drug dealers can’t afford gas these days.”

“There was also that time I was asked to leave the bus because my skull is kind of a fire hazard,” Reyes explained. “So yeah–not sure what I’m gonna do about that. Maybe I should go with Uber or Lyft instead?”

“I was thinking of changing my name too,” Reyes announced. “What do you guys think of ‘Ghost Commuter’?”

The unusually high gas prices around the country have been attributed in part to the U.S. placing economic sanctions on Russia in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Thankfully, Reyes’ fellow Avengers have already responded to this crisis.

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