“We are Snyder. Resistance is Futile,” Announces Internet Collective

Image: Paramount

THE INTERNET – Recent rumors are circulating that trending hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderverse has the backing of bots on various social media platforms. Zack Snyder himself has not commented on the controversy, but many of his living followers have continued stoutly defending his work. Recently, many of them have done what they do best: express their opinion in such a way the rest of us are forced to hear about it.

Image: Paramount

“We are the Snyderverse,” commented Redditor Bo Org. “Lower your arguments and surrender the rest of the DCEU. We will add all distinctive intellectual property and funding to our own. The DCEU’s movies will be adapted to serve us. Resistance is futile.”

Clearly then, all living supporters of the Snyderverse have been assimilated by the bots.

Snyderverse actors have been quick to express their willingness to be assimilated. “Obviously, I think that a cross between bots and human bodies is a fantastic idea,” Justice League actor Ray Fisher said. “Especially if we can get justice against evil non-Zack directors.”

“I am definitely interested in a gig being a queen of this internet collective,” DCEU royalAmber Heard tweeted. She went on to claim,. “I think my history will reflect I am highly adept at imposing order out of chaos.”

Marvelous Movies will continue to monitor developments. In the meantime, we express our gratefulness that Zack Snyder is one of the good guys amassing a bot and human army to conquer his foes in Hollywood and is definitely not a supervillain.

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