Kang Recast with Jonathan Majors Variant from Alternate Earth

Photos: Creative Commons (left); Rotten Tomatoes (right)

BURBANK, CA–Following the recent arrest of Jonathan Majors for alleged assault, Marvel Studios has officially cut ties with the disgraced actor. While Majors has been fired from his role as Kang the Conqueror, a Jonathan Majors variant from an alternate Earth has been brought on to replace him.

“At first we were just gonna CGI him in for the whole movie,” said Kevin Feige, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer. “But then we thought, hey–we’ve been using multiverse magic for a lot of the other movies already. So it really made sense to just borrow another reality’s Jonathan Majors.”

“I’m really thrilled to have this opportunity,” commented the Majors variant, a native of Earth-838, who will portray the villainous Kang in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. “I’m a huge Marvel fan on my world and loved the Kang storyline. Except back home, Loki was played by Tom Hanks instead of Tom Hiddleston. And Ant-Man was Paul Reubens, not Paul Rudd.”

“It’s great to get to be a part of the movies!” the Majors variant continued. “Only problem is–I never went to acting school!” The variant divulged that on his world he is a social worker by trade, helping battered women recover from abuse.

On the whole, Marvel fans seem pleased with the decision to replace Majors with a variant whose personal life is less questionable than that of the Majors in our reality. At publishing time, sources report that Warner Bros. executives were seeking to hire an alternate universe variant of Ezra Miller.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is slated for 2025.

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