Oscar Isaac to Play All Egypt-Related Characters

Photos: Fox (left); Marvel Studios (right)

HOLLYWOOD, CA–Actor Oscar Isaac has signed an exclusive deal with Disney and several other major studios to portray all Egypt-related characters in their films. Isaac previously portrayed Apocalypse, ancient pharaoh-turned-supervillain, in the X-Men franchise, and has now also been cast as Moon Knight, the superhero avatar of the Egyptian moon god. The news of Isaac’s exclusive deal closely follows his recent casting.

“You start by playing one Egyptian role, and then they just rope you into doing all the rest,” Isaac said with a shrug in an interview. “It’s like some kind of a pyramid scheme!”

“Trust me, Oscar is perfect for all the Egyptian roles,” Kevin Feige, Marvel’s Supreme Overlord-for-Life, said of the Guatemalan-American actor. “The absolute best way to do cultural diversity these days is to take one vaguely non-white guy and have him portray a completely different culture from his own.”

In light of this new deal, Disney has announced plans to re-relase the Star Wars sequel trilogy films, beginning with The Force Awakens, but with Isaac’s character renamed as Po-Tut Dameronkhet. Isaac has also signed on to play Brendan Fraser in the next reboot of The Mummy, the Nile River in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Death on the Nile, and Ramesses in Exodus: Gods and Kings 2: Pharaoh’s Revenge.

Moon Knight will premiere on DisneyPlus in 2022.

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