Marvel Movies to Be Re-Released with Cap Saying “Language!” at Key Points

Photos: Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox, Marv Films

BURBANK, CA–In its effort to provide a family-friendly experience for all viewers, Disney announced plans this week to re-release each Marvel movie with slight adjustments. Namely, a quick clip of Captain America saying “LANGUAGE!” from Avengers: Age of Ultron will replace every curse word in the re-releases.

“We were looking for the best way to bring back Cap,” explained Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige when questioned about the decision. “And we wanted to explain what he was really doing during his time-traveling escapades in Endgame. Now we know: he made it his personal mission to censor every curse word spoken throughout the history of Marvel movies. No wonder he didn’t have time to save Bucky from Hydra!”

Fans are looking forward to the redelivery of such classic lines as:

“If we can’t save the world, you can be LANGUAGE! sure we’ll avenge it.” -Tony Stark, The Avengers

“Who the LANGUAGE! is Bucky?” -Winter Soldier, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

“Go LANGUAGE! yourself.” -Wolverine, X-Men: First Class

Back-to-back clips of Cap saying “Language!” are expected to take up approximately half the runtime of the re-released Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Marvel is also planning to release Kick-LANGUAGE! in theaters.

The re-released Marvel movies are expected to air on DisneyPlus beginning next month. We think they’ll be totally LANGUAGE!-ing awesome.

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