With No New Mandalorian Season, Thousands Suffer Baby Yoda Withdrawals

Photo: ubuy.com

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The American Psychiatric Association has published a study detailing that thousands of Americans and others worldwide may be suffering from a new disorder known as Baby Yoda Withdrawals (BYW). The disorder has become common this fall in the absence of a new season of The Mandalorian, as many viewers are now lacking their yearly intake of Baby Yoda content.

Symptoms of the disorder may include excessive rewatching of the first two seasons on DisneyPlus, or buying Baby Yoda clothing and merchandise for any small children in one’s life. “I don’t have a problem,” said Rachel H. of Arlington, TX, who has reportedly bought close to a dozen different Baby Yoda outfits for her one-year-old son.

“I admit I wasn’t sure about the little guy at first, but he really started to grow on me after a while,” said Din D. of Santiago, Chile. “I sure do miss him and hope I get to see him again.”

Not everyone is being affected by withdrawal, however. “I’ve actually had about enough of the little guy now,” commented Luke S. of Oakland, California. “Who knew he could be such a little troublemaker?!?” Frog Lady was unavailable for comment.

“His name isn’t even Baby Yoda, you morons!” commented that one annoying guy on your Facebook friends list who has to sound smarter than everyone else. “Didn’t you even watch the show?”

If you or someone you love is suffering from BYW, you’re not alone. Get help by calling 1-248-434-5508 toll free, or by visiting www.disneyplus.com.

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