Diehard MCU Fanboys Pretend to Know Who Moon Knight Is

Photo: Marvel Comics

UNITED STATES–In anticipation of Disney and Marvel’s upcoming series Moon Knight, the internet is abuzz with Marvel fans who have allegedly been waiting for a Moon Knight series for years. But do they really know this up-til-now obscure comics character–or are they just posing for fandom cred? We talked to a few of them to find out.

“Yeah, I’m a Moon Knight fan,” explained Marc Grant of Cairo, Illinois. “He’s like a knight, but on the moon. I’m really looking forward to seeing him meet up with old Steve Rogers, who we now know is also hiding out on the moon.”

“None of these noobs know who Moon Knight is,” complained Steven Lockley of Alexandria, Virginia. “He came from ancient Egypt, where he was the earliest mutant and one of the most powerful. They worshiped him as a pharaoh, but now he wants to conquer the world by using four powerful mutants as his ‘horsemen.'”

“Moon Knight is basically just Marvel’s Batman,” commented Jake Spector of Nile, Missouri. “Except, you know, different from Iron Man and Daredevil, who are also Marvel’s Batman.”

“Of course I’ve read the Moon Knight comics,” insisted Doug Perlin of Luxor, Pennsylvania. “Even that really weird one, Moon Knight and Devil Dinosaur. Let’s hope they don’t go that route on Disney!”

So, there you have it, folks–the real fans have read the Moon Knight comics and will absolutely wreck any filthy casual who tries to watch the show! Because isn’t that what fandom is all about?

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