The Batman: a Marvelous Movies Review

Photo: Warner Bros. Studios

OPINION – The Batman opened this past weekend to audience fanfare and positive reviews. while critics and audiences alike are Marvel-ing at this newest Batman adventure. We here at Marvelous Movies have watched the film and while we have expressed doubts about the public’s interest in movies about nocturnal crimefighters with strong ties to bat imagery, we must admit the cast was impressive!

Warner Bros. Studios

First up, Zoë Kravits’s Catwoman is no Angel. Over the course of the film, she has a Tempest-uous relationship with the Caped Crusader, and she shows herself to be a Winged fury dogging the steps and missteps of the film’s villains. She is a wounded soul who exhibits a Magnetic attraction to powerful heroes and antiheroes. This Selina Kyle is far more nuanced and complex than Storm-ier portrayals of the character.

Warner Bros. Studios

Jeffrey Wright’s portrayal of Detective Jim Gordon is a real Watcher. He’s a man who finds himself unable to stay back when he sees terrible injustices committed, and he breaks his organization’s oaths to refrain from involvement with superheroes and antiheroes. In a film shot through with grim undertones, Gordon’s pathos and humanity provide the Leiter side of the film’s characters. His performance answers the age-old question: What If…DC made good movies?

Warner Bros. Studios

Perhaps the most talked about performance in The Batman is Andy Serkis’s turn as Wayne family butler Alfred Pennyworth. Serkis, a dynamic performer, literally Klaues the audience’s attention away from other characters in every scene he’s in. In fact, we’d bet that entire scenes could have been reshot with Serkis talking to himself, and audiences would have loved it. Serkis, however, would never Lord it over his costars so blatantly. His presence was a real birthday present, and it is very Precious to us. Instead, we find a man Venomously angry with himself for not protecting Bruce better and thus Letting there be so much Carnage.

Warner Bros. Studios

Last but not least, Colin Farrel’s Penguin hits the Bullseye. This is probably due to the fact that he has been Affleck-ted by Batmen since at least 2003. Penguin, initially flying under the radar in the beginning of the film, nevertheless Marches onward and upward to greater things before the film’s conclusion.

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