Marvel and Sony Announce Mobius Spin-Off

Photos: Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures

BURBANK, CA–After the unrivaled critical success of Marvel and Sony’s newly released Morbius film, the studios have announced their next spin-off movie. This film, Mobius, will star Owen Wilson, reprising his role as TVA Agent Mobius from Loki.

The film follows Agent Mobius as he tries to cure himself of the TVA’s brainwashing. In doing so, he injects himself with a rare mutagenic serum that gives him the powers of a time-vampire! The mild-mannered Mobius then becomes a dark, jet-ski-riding vigilante, consumed by a hunger to devour the life energy of variants who don’t belong in the timestream.

“The Mobius movie felt like a natural next move for us,” said Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. “This is how we’ll bridge the gap between Loki and Sony’s Spider-Man/Venom universe. This means we can soon see Tom Holland, Tom Hardy, and Tom Hiddleston all onscreen together!”

Despite the connections to Sony’s existing superhero films, Jared Leto is not expected to reprise his role as Dr. Michael Morbius. Following Morbius and the DCEU’s infamous Suicide Squad film, both Marvel and DC have signed a bilateral agreement to ban Leto from ever appearing in a superhero movie again.

When asked for his reactions to being the lead character of a major Marvel movie, Owen Wilson simply answered, “Wow.”

The film is aiming for a PG-13 rating, which means that, to the dismay of Owen Wilson fangirls everywhere, it is unlikely to feature the fabled Mobius Strip.

Mobius hits theaters in 2023.

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