James Gunn’s DCEU to be Like “Young Justice,” Including Numerous Cancellations and Frustrating Cliffhangers

All photo credits are believed to be DC Studios unless otherwise noted.

Incoming DC Studios head James Gunn has confirmed he is taking heavy inspiration from fan-favorite tv show, Young Justice. This comment proves Gunn’s hiring is just the next step in a sick, sick plan to inflict heartbreak and disappointment on DC fans.

Based on this information, Marvelous Movies is able to confirm that we will be getting two solid seasons of the best writing ever to come out of DC Studios with superb character development, acting, and cinematography. Then, Ezra Miller’s Flash will completely vanish in a heroic last stand after Impulsively taking on a challenge too big for him, in a crushing disappointment.

We can also assume that DC will cancel the DCEU for three years after merchandizing deals fall through, then bring it back after the fans stage a massive show of support. Because we all know that DC is always on the ball when it comes to listening to fan demand. We’ll get another two seasons of increasingly excellent movies before a second cancellation forever crushes fans’ hopes.

We here at Marvelous Movies prefer to take a lighter tone in our posts. But it will take a real Titan-like effort to follow the cancelled Young Justice or the Snyder Cut.

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