Who Could Be David Ramsey’s ‘Mystery’ Arrowverse Character?

Photo: The CW

OPINION – John Diggle is set to return to the Arrowverse next season, and CW executives have teased that his actor, David Ramsey, will also be portraying a “mystery character.” We can only hope Diggle is returning to punch Barry Allen in the face for causing 2020 through Flashpoint, The identity of this mystery character can only be speculated on, but given the emphasis Team Arrow placed on the color green, we think the following characters are strong contenders:

Given DC’s history with strong creative decisions from which they have never, ever backed down as well as their ultra-successful decisions to pack as many cool superheroes into mind-numbingly complex cameo appearances, as well as their unparalleled successes with sequels, we look forward to learning the identity of the mystery character. We should know who it is this fall if and when the CW is able to resume filming on its shows. The only way we’ll learn anything sooner will be if the answer falls out of the sky and judges us worthy to know. Until then, we’ll just have to exert all our willpower to be patient and overcome our great fear that this will be a complete flop.

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