X-Men Actors to Replace Dead Marvel Characters

Photos: Marvel Studios (left); 20th Century Fox (right)

BURBANK, CA–With Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox along with Marvel and other properties, it’s finally time for the Marvel and X-Men universes to coincide! We got the first hint of this collision on WandaVision, when Evan Peters (Quicksilver from the X-Men films) replaced Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Marvel’s Quicksilver! While up to this point, Marvel has mostly relied on cheap time travel gimmicks to bring back dead characters, we think replacing them with X-Men actors is the new way to go. Here are more replacements we expect to see soon:

Photos: Marvel Studios (left); 20th Century Fox (right)
  • Alan Cumming as Loki.
    Many people don’t realize that Alan Cumming (Nightcrawler in X2) has actually portrayed Loki before in Son of the Mask. Seems like the perfect choice for bringing back Marvel’s master of mischief!
Photos: Marvel Studios (left); 20th Century Fox (right)
  • Hugh Jackman as Iron Man.
    You know–the facial hair? The metal body? The whole stealing the focus of the franchise away from every other character?
Photos: Marvel Studios (left); 20th Century Fox (right)
  • Halle Berry as Gamora.
    I mean, we can’t be the only ones who have ever wanted to see the X-Men’s Storm in green body paint, right?
  • Patrick Stewart as Mufasa.
    If Disney applies this trend to its non-Marvel properties too, then we think the regal Patrick Stewart would be great for voicing Mufasa in the live-action Lion King sequel.
Photos: Walt Disney Studios (left); 20th Century Fox (right)
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Cara Dune.
    ‘Nuff said!
Photos: Lucasfilm (left); 20th Century Fox (right)

Which X-Men actors do you want to see showing up in Marvel?

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