Ezra Miller Announces 2024 Presidential Bid

Photos: User Gage Skidmore on Flickr Creative Commons; Shutterstock

STAMFORD, VT–In the latest of a series of bizarre choices, Hollywood actor Ezra Miller has released a press statement announcing their intention to run for president in 2024.

“In my new movie, I do a lot of running, and that’s made me want to run more in real life,” Miller told Marvelous Movies in an interview. “So here I am, running for president!”

Put aside that I am non-binary and under 35!” Miller added.

Some may find it difficult to give Credence to the campaign announcement, especially given its Barebones approach. Many are seeking a candidate with more Flash.

But the controversial actor has already won many voters over by promising, if elected, to sign an executive order giving Michael Keaton another Batman film and Henry Cavill another Superman film. Miller has also committed to going back in time through the Speed Force and fixing the year 2020, which they claim was a direct result of Flashpoint.

As an additional incentive, voters are coming to favor Miller on the basis that presidential duties would likely prevent the actor from making any future DCEU or Fantastic Beasts installments.

With other 2024 candidates including Donald Trump, Kanye West, Joe Exotic, and Deadpool, political commentators note that Miller seems to be among the most stable, grounded, and level-headed choices available to voters this election season.

Miller’s campaign slogan is “Ez for Prez.” For more info and regular updates, visit Miller’s campaign website today!

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