Marvelous Movies’ Authoritative Guide to Pleasant Thanksgiving Conversation

Photo: Marvel Comics. Art by Bryan Hitch.

OPINION–Well, the holidays are upon us again, and we all know what that means: extended family gatherings with potentially awkward conversations that nobody wants to be part of! Here at Marvelous Movies, we know that holiday family time can get unpleasant if people aren’t careful, so we’ve compiled this quick, handy guide to appropriate Thanksgiving conversation. In order to avoid offending anyone and have a pleasant time all around, just make sure that everyone in your family agrees to avoid the wrong conversation topics and stick to the right ones.

Banned topics–converse at your own risk:

  • Politics
  • The Thanos snap (or any variation of “Thanos was right”)
  • Your love life or career accomplishments (or lack thereof)
  • Whether or not Han shot first
  • Negative opinions about female superheroes
  • Again, politics
  • Any opinions about Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Fan theories for The Rise of Skywalker
  • Christmas music, Christmas decorations, or Christmas celebrations (It’s still Thanksgiving, people!)
  • Anything even remotely pertaining to politics
  • The DC Extended Universe

Approved topics–guaranteed to keep everyone happy:

For the sanity and continued positive relationships of everyone in your family, we strongly recommend avoiding the banned topics list at all costs. But if somehow you do find one of the unpleasant topics coming up, you can always avoid a long and drawn-out argument by simply saying your piece and then ending with, “I have spoken.”

What topics will you be discussing or avoiding this Thanksgiving?

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