Dozens of Fans Worldwide Attend New Mutants Premiere

Photo: User Hal Dick on Flickr Creative Commons

After years of waiting amid multiple production delays and COVID-19 restrictions, dozens of fans worldwide still remembered to attend the New Mutants film premiere on Friday.

New Mutants was originally scheduled for release in early 2018. It experienced multiple delays due to factors such as Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the COVID-19 pandemic, and nobody knowing or caring who the New Mutants even are.

But now, after much faithful waiting, the 50-odd fans who still care about the X-Men film franchise can enjoy the unforgettable experience of seeing their favorite characters adapted unfaithfully on the big screen.

One commentator listed the release of New Mutants among the top five strangest things to happen in 2020, right under the announcement of the Justice League Snyder Cut and the emergence of bizarre presidential candidates.

In related news, all major media outlets announced on Thursday night that COVID-19 had been completely eradicated from the world and that all movie theaters are once again free to operate at full capacity. This sudden lifting of restrictions was undoubtedly a contributing factor in the turnout for New Mutants being as high as it was.

New Mutants is expected to release for streaming on DisneyPlus next weekend.

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