“WandaVision” is Raising the Dead

All images in this article are the intellectual property of Marvel Studios, unless otherwise indicated.

OPINION – WandaVision is one of the breakout shows of the season. The quirky superhero television drama is warping the reality of the television business by defying genre norms and saluting famous television shows throughout history. The central puzzle of the show is how the superhero Vision is alive after dying at the hand of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. However, the staff here at Marvelous Movies has the clear Vision to see there are many, many resurrections occurring on the show:

A Simple Dream

FBI agent Jimmy Woo has evidenced only two strong desires in his life: the complete reformation of Ant Man/Scott Lang and a career in bringing joy to people through mastering the simple art of sleight of hand. After much Hope, Scott Lang is mostly reformed as seen in Ant-Man & the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame. Giving Jimmy Woo a shot at a magical career may not be a resurrection, but it did bring a simple dream to life.

Darcy’s Career

Instead of half-moaning “what’s going on?” or asking questions to set up good exposition moments for Jane Foster, Darcy is a hard-charging scientist whose intuition and nerves of coffee are setting her up to take the lead in unraveling the mysteries at the core of WandaVision. Her rising in the MCU career ladder has been extraordinary, and her future in the Marvel pantheon of heroes is bright.

Doc Ock

Fans with cinematic Vision will recognize nosy neighbor Agnes as Marvel villain Dr. Olivia Octavius, a.k.a Doctor Octopus, from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The last we saw of Doc Ock, she was sent into an alternate dimension by the Super Collider. While Agnes has not shown a scientific bent so far in WandaVision, she HAS shown herself as the nosy sort of neighbor with her tentacles in everything and a personality that seems nice in the beginning, but turns increasingly sinister as events unfold. She was probably rescued from her ultimate demise by Wanda and is likely now using her well-known abilities to manipulate chaotic reality-bending to her advantage.

Perhaps the most impressive feat of raising the dead to life Wanda has performed didn’t happen to any of the characters in the show. She took a dead year without any new or worthwhile MCU releases and gave us a show worthy of all our hopes.

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