The Flash Series Finale Perfectly Leads in to Upcoming Movie

Images: The CW (left); Warner Bros. Entertainment (right)

BURBANK, CA–The Flash may be ending this week after nine years on the air, but the story isn’t quite over. Fans look forward to the stunning conclusion on the big screen next month. As the final episodes pave the way for the Flash movie, the hashtag #NineSeasonsAndAMovie has gone viral on social media.

The last few episodes of The Flash have focused on Barry Allen going back in time to prevent himself from going back in time to stop his mother being killed. But Barry’s actions inadvertently resulted in yet another timeline, known as Flashpointpoint. In the new timeline, Grant Gustin has been replaced with Ezra Miller!

A lot of the show’s other fan-favorite characters are replaced by different actors in this new timeline too. This is why the film stars Sasha Calle as Iris West-Allen, Michael Shannon as Dr. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash, and Michael Keaton as the Red Death. Additionally, DCEU veteran Margot Robbie will appear as Caitlin Snow, along with Viola Davis as Joe West.

A version of Supergirl is also rumored to appear in the film, played by up-and-coming actress Henrietta Cavilla.

The film’s plot centers on the Reverse Flash going back in time to frame Ezra Miller for serious crimes and erratic behavior, thus destroying the Flash’s credibility. Can Barry, Iris, and the team stop him in time to prove Barry’s innocence and fix the damage to the timeline?

Actually, we all know the answer to that question–Barry never fixes damage to the timeline. We expect that the continued time travel will result in Flashpointpointpoint, leading to James Gunn’s complete reboot of the DCEU.

The Flash hits theaters on June 16th.

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