Marvelous Movies’ Authoritative Guide to Pleasant Thanksgiving Conversation (2020 Edition)

Photo: Marvel Comics.

OPINION–Well, the holidays are upon us again, and we all know what that means: family gatherings full of awkward conversations that nobody wants to be part of! (Or maybe just canceling and staying home this year.) Here at Marvelous Movies, we know that holiday family time can get unpleasant if people aren’t careful, so we’ve compiled this quick, handy guide to appropriate Thanksgiving conversation. To avoid offending anyone and have a pleasant time all around, just make sure that everyone at your gathering agrees to avoid the unsafe conversation topics and stick to the safe ones.

Safe topic: vague, general jokes and complaints about how crazy this year has been
Unsafe topic: your love life in 2020 or what you’ve accomplished this year

Safe topic: things you’re thankful for (such as Marvel, or Marvelous Movies)
Unsafe topic: your preferred presidential candidate, or voter fraud theories

Safe topic: Marvel, and how sad you are that they didn’t release any movies this year
Unsafe topic: DC, and how said it is that they still released two movies this year (don’t worry–it’s not like anyone will want to talk about them anyway)

Safe topic: General concern for the health and wellbeing of all your friends and family during a pandemic
Unsafe topic: Your anti-masker friend who sees through the media and spreads COVID conspiracy theories

Safe topic: Baby Yoda and how adorable he is
Unsafe topic: Baby Yoda eating the frog eggs

Safe topic: the deliciousness of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, or any present side dishes
Unsafe topic: the deliciousness of frog eggs

Happy holidays from Marvelous Movies!

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